Reading osm files and rendering them in C++

Hello mates. I was wondering how to read the osm files offline and render them. I am working on Qt. I looked up a little on frameworks page of wiki. I decided to use libosmscout but it diddn’t work. I’m working on windows and I have very limited internet access. I’m looking for you guys’ reply.

Best regards…

Why does libosmscout not work for you?

what have you tried so far in detail?

What is your source for raw OSM data

… If you want help, it is always better to give as much as possible information so other users can reproduce your steps and maybe find solution. Otherwise it sounds like: “my car is not working, please help me.” …

Readosm would also a nice one, small and light.
They also have 3 very good example code to use them, from where I wrote a little sample of mine.

perhaps would help to get an idea -