Re-instate old Dutch BAG forum

It came to the Dutch community their attention that all posts from the old BAG forum (a hidden community on are spread out on this forum. Is it possible that all topics can be found and placed in a new community? From an earlier discussion, it became clear that a hidden community is not desirable. It would be nice however if a new community is made

@Firefishy do you remember what we did with this old subforum?

It was imported here but the permissions are restrictive, limiting access.

The question is whether a separate subforum is really needed or if they should be merged to the main Dutch one with a tag I guess…

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The reason why we had a separate forum in the first place is to separate the discussion about the import plugin, its development and the import process itself from non-importers. The discussions happening in that sub forum were not relevant to people no using the import plugin.

In the Dutch subforum we have a separate post where everybody can request a BAG update which somebody with a plugin can then do.

The suggestion provided to people with similar situations is to start by using a tag under your community category and if the volume of topics gets too noisy, a subcategory could be requested.

(which will have to be figured out technically since the community category would need to be a top level category to allow subcategories)

That is also fine to start I suppose. If these topics are recoverable from the hidden community, they can be added with a separate tag to the Dutch forum.

About the subforum, I think we have some miss communication here. With subforum, I mean at the same level as the current Dutch forum.

That wouldn’t be difficult, but it would involve making them publicly visible. I’m reluctant to do that because the authors presumably posted them under the assumption that they would only be visible to the participants of the hidden forum.

That makes sense. What is the best way forward then? I saw there is an existing user group for the old bag forum: Netherlands_BAG_import - OpenStreetMap Community Forum maybe a read-only subform can be made accessible for these users. New topics then need to be created under the Dutch forum, optionally with a tag.

Members of that user group now have access to a private, read-only category with content imported from the old forum.

Thanks for this. I just notificated the Dutch community about this and that future BAG topics need to be created in the Dutch community with a separate tag.

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