RC Airplanes club

Hi there,

I was roaming around in Google Earth and found a RC aiplane club’s location where they have an airstrip built and a few building.
Can anybody give me some guidelines on how should i classify the rc planes runway plus other structures in this area?


Hi and welcome to OSM

Take a look at our Wiki: Tag:aeroway=model_runway - OpenStreetMap Wiki

i’ll look it up, thanks!

You can go to https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/ search for “rc airplane” and click on the third link Tag:sport=model_aerodrome - OpenStreetMap Wiki
On the wiki page, in the right infobox at the bottom, there is a link to overpass-turbo which you can use to find other locations where it is used and take inspiration from there.
Or you can go to https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/ and search there for the appropriate tags.

Note, it is not allowed to copy featured from maps or satellite imagery from other sources or products like Google Earth due to copyright/licensing.