Rapid v2.3 released today!

I’m excited to announce that today we released Rapid v2.3 editor for OpenStreetMap! The Rapid team has been busy working on this for the past few months - here’s 4 new features that we hope you’ll love…

:back: Esri Wayback imagery

The world never stops changing! We added a new background layer called “Esri Wayback” to let you view historical releases of the Esri World Imagery. This background source also has a date picker to help you choose from dates likely to show changes in the current map view. Open the Background pane to try it out!

Esri Wayback

:arrows_counterclockwise: Map Rotation

Take Rapid for a spin! Now you can rotate the map to make your editing easier (and avoid straining your neck!). Rapid supports rotating with option+click-drag or shift+/ arrows, just like other maps you’ve used before. A new bearing control displays a north arrow, and you can click it to reset the map back to North-up.

:white_check_mark: MapRoulette Integration

You can now complete MapRoulette tasks without ever leaving Rapid. View active MapRoulette tasks in the current map view, or filter the results by challenge id. After making your edits, select the task and click “I fixed it!”, “Can’t Complete”, “Already Fixed”, and “Not an Issue”. When you save your edits, your changeset will automatically include a description about any MapRoulette tasks that you’ve completed.

:art: GeoScribbles

GeoScribble is a new service that allows mappers to take field notes while surveying with the EveryDoorOSM mobile app. Your sketches and notes will be waiting for you when you get back to your computer and open Rapid.


We’ve got lots more planned, and we’re excited to hear how the community is using Rapid to map more efficiently.

:point_up: Make Rapid your OSM editor! Bookmark rapideditor.org/edit and make it your daily mapping tool of choice.

:v: Want to help us make Rapid better? Follow us on Github at GitHub - facebook/Rapid: The OpenStreetMap editor driven by open data, AI, and supercharged features or find us on any of the various social media or OpenStreetMap community channels. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Mapping :+1:


Fantastic additions. Will be using them all!

Rapid adds a unnecessary source-tag to every object. Source should be only in changeset-comment.


Esri Wayback claims the latest imagery in my area is from March 2024, but it’s actually much older than that (the McDonald’s that opened in my area in December 2023 doesn’t show up; it was built from October to December)

The dates you’re seeing are probably the release dates of each Esri Wayback layer. I think there’s usually several months of delay from when the imagery was actually captured, to allow for processing and for releasing it in a batch. And if there hasn’t been a recent flyover of your area, the old imagery will be rolled up into the latest worldwide release. If you open the Background information panel, it should have more information about the capture.

I always remove them, but Rapid claims you shouldn’t get rid of them. I’m not sure if that’s problematic.

Yes this is the reason for the difference - the dates we get from Wayback are “Release Date” - when it was released as Esri World Imagery. This can lag behind the date of capture (vintage) by a while.

The Background Info Panel shows both dates.
Users can open this panel by pressing CmdShiftB:

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