Ranking list. Position of Nepal

This page: https://osmstats.neis-one.org/?item=countries&country=Nepal shows ranking position of Nepal worldwide. Today it is nr 1 worldwide, the same yesterday and two days before. 6,5 and 4 days before it was position 3.

When we all work hard, we can keep probably one of 10 first position for longer time.
So, please, don´t stop mapping, even if the flood area is finally mapped. Some disasters can always happen even in other parts of Nepal.

http://www.mopit.gov.np/# is already using OSM. Great success of you all.

Today nr 1. in created nodes. The number of mapper is smaller but they do a lot of work.

**Today, 26.08.2017 Nepal is again nr. 1 worldwide in created nodes! **

1 Nepal 234356
2 Indonesia 150503
3 United States 124170

No one coutry with such mapping speed!
I’m especially proud, because nr 9 in mapping ranking in Nepal is one girl!
Nisha Adhikari!
And the first Nepali in ranking list is with nr. 4 … Pratixa.
Also a woman (I’m writing it for fereigners, they don’t know nepali names).
Under first 10 mappers last 3 months are: two nepali girls and two nepali boys.** That’s really amazing.

Imagine: worldwide only 3% of girls are doing mapping. I don’t know an other country around whole world with such results like in Nepal. I feel really proud about you!

Some updates. Yestrday Nepal was Nr. 3 worldwide regarding mapped elements, today again Nr.1. So, please stay fighting, do mapping. :slight_smile:
I wish to say thank you for two mappers they do nowadays a lot for Nepal:

Very, very fast going up in the ranking list is user http://hdyc.neis-one.org/?W%C5%82adys%C5%82aw%20Komorek
I assume, he will be in some days mapper nr 1 in ranking list.
In total leading is still our great friend Heinz_V.

For me personally, Nepal is since 26.08.2017 nr. 1 country regarding number of mapper elements. Nr. 2 is Poland nr. 3 Germany.

I have ‘noticed’ that Heinz_V , a waterway as stream, and a highway (there in Nepal) as residential tagged … wouldn’t it be better (there in Nepal) to tag (not all, but the most of those) as highway = 'unclassified, and waterway = ‘river’ ?

Please write him about this problem directly showing the elements you mentioned. He is answering very quickly.

I mailed him this topic, and got an answer ;

I mailed him back ;

Dear friends, I would allow me th have an opinion in between:
Regardng waterways:
If there is such widely accepted regulation, so please try to adapt it in cases they are obvious.
This could be difficult without local knowledge but probably possible.
Generally tagging is, I assume, less relevant than the fact of collecting geometry. Retgging is esy done.
I´m confrontated with doubts regaring properly tagging every day I do mapping in Nepal.

Regarding residential streets. Due to the fact, that 90% of Nepal don´t have house numbers, we should, given that we are hearing what JOSM says, completely stom using of cathegory highway=residential. The programmers, they wrote JOSM never have been in Nepal or other similar countries, so I woul sty with mapping of cathegory residential when around are houses.

There is also an other important reon for using residential: Nepa dont´t have speed signs only seldom. Therefore is changing of street cathegory the only possible solution to give warning to the driver in navigation system.

I would like to point out at the ways to one or two buildings.
I would recommend tagging them as “highway=service” not “highway=residential”.
See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dservice

Tagging of highway=service in villages or small cities please also with service=alley.
This is common in small areas and often used in other countries in Asia.
This tagging is used in Asia everywhere when the width of the way doesn´t allow to drive through with one car.
This page is talking about (european) settlements only, because nobody from Asia was active in enhancing wiki. This should be done, so please add your comments there: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:service%3Dalley
The reasen is easy:
Such small ways are not https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dliving_street (here add an example from Nepal as well my dear friends, make just one picture from Kathmandu, we need it!) nor https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dresidential

BTW.: Today Nepal is again Nr. 1 in number of added elements worldwide.

Here is picture of alley in Kathmandu →

and here is definition of alley in wikipedia →

there is also a word ‘back alley’ (but in some countries , it has a ‘negative meaning’ )

Today Nepal is nr. 2 after Brazil (probably heavy data import) but the difference between nr 2 and nr 3 wasn’t big.

Dear henke54. Good examples. Could you add examples with comment in https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Nepal/Roads

Thank you in advance! Marek

Hi Marek, i took those pictures from internet, and don’t know if they are permitted on wiki … :roll_eyes:

Ok, thanks henke54!
I assume our Nepali friends can make similar shots next days, we need some good examples.

Last two days Nepal is still nr 1 worldwide in created nodes!


Wow, our friend from Denmark piaco_dk is already de facto nr 2. in Nepal ranking list. (bdiscoe has his position because of lot deleted points, they are also “points” in the statistic).
Please be nr 1 piaco_dk.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Tanzania is sixth on the list, and they have here no sub-forum it seems → https://techlekh.com/openstreetmap-nepal/

This is daily global statistic of OSM activity:

I’m happy to tell you, Nepal has the new nr.1 in ranking list!
It is our friend Wladek Komorek.
Wladek is working many hours every day for Nepal only.

Our new leader is since some days WojtekK.
Congratulations Wojtek, great job!