ranking in https://osmstats.neis-one.org

Good morning,
My question is about how countries and mappers are categorized on the site.

What we see is that there are changes in the rankings that are constantly happening. In my opinion, it’s not the number of modifications,
the quality of the data, nor even the use of the JOSM editor or the number of days contributing to it.
For example, Is there a relationship (mathematical formula) based on the indicators:
(Changeset,Map changes,Created elements,Modified or deleted elements,Created buildings Created highways,Created landuse,Created names)
who determines the order?
and what is the right way to improve ranking and quality of work?

The webpage says “Order by map changes”. Presumably this is “how many objects were added, removed, or modified”.


You touch on an interesting question in OSM: “How can contributions be quantified?” There is no good answer. I think most people don’t care, but if someone is trying to increase their ranking, it’s easy to game the system.

Fortunately, there have been few structures that provide incentives to increase “rankings” of any sort. One exception I recall being some kind of “pay OSM mappers” thing that the OSMAnd developers tried out.

Anyway, this is Pascal’s project so I imagine he’s the one that decided on it. Perhaps he can comment here with more info :slight_smile:

The ranking doesn’t matter, you should just try to improve the map rather than increasing ranking. :slight_smile: However, as discussed above, the way to game this would be to find some mass edits that touch a large number of objects, and that the community would approve of.

thank you Xvtn