Raleigh, Durham, Cary - North Carolina

Hi friends. New mapper here in the triangle. I am located in Cary and that is where I have started to clean up the tiger data and upload new data. I’ll be spiraling out from Cary towards Raleigh and Durham until my interest drops off. :smiley:

I’ve found the Chatham+Wake county GIS download data to be quite useful and with a bit of work have started to upload some of the larger lakes (Wheeler, Harris). I may also use this for parks, although most of these look mapped in Cary at least. If you want to use any of the GIS data I can convert the shapefile data to gpx so it is more easy to deal with in JOSM. That took a bit of learning and about three software tools, but I seem to have a rapid process now whenever I need to convert stuff.

One of the big improvements I’m working on is to get the highways updated from “residential” to “tertiary” (yellow) or “secondary” (orange).

Drop me a PM if you are in the area and active.


Aaron, are you still active?