Railway Tracks connecting 2 Stations

Hello community,

my first post here and I have a question:

I want to draw a picture of all rail connections between two railway stations in the same city. For example Berlin Main Station and Berlin Spandau. I thouhgt that the OpenRailwayMap is the perfect tool to do this. :wink:

So I have to find out which railway tracks do connect these two stations and the more import task: find the geographic path of the tracks.

Well: The first can be done by looking carfully at the map, but perhaps there is a more ellegant way. The geographic path can be seen on the map too, but it would be nice to have to coordinates which describe the path/track!

Can this me done with OSM/ORailwayMap and its tools?

I tried a bit with 1) JOSM and 2) exported some xml files (with OSM Export function) of the regions, which are important for me, but havent found the right way yet.

I am motivated to work into this problem and would be glad if you could help me going into the right direction! :slight_smile:


As youโ€™re talking about railway stations in Berlin - we also have a german subforum: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewforum.php?id=14