Quick exit from editor?

Is there a way to quickly exit editor mode?

Why I asked (and maybe more than you want to know):

A few weeks ago, i edited some places, marking them as closed. A few days later, I went back to check the results. I found the path of a sidewalk had been altered. I suspect I accidentally did this after I made the edit or just before. It looks like, in edit mode, I grabbed and dragged the map so I could look at a different area. At one point, I must have grabbed a node on the sidewalk, and dragged the node instead of the map.

So, I would like to know how to quickly leave edit mode. It isn’t obvious how to do that.

If there is currently no obvious way to quickly leave edit mode, I suggest the developers add one. Also, it might be nice to automatically leave edit mode after submitting an edit.

iD? Switch to “history” and then close it.

If the map didn’t move then something else happened. Check this out before saving anything.

Before saving, the list to the left shows all changed elements. Understand this list before saving. Make especially sure that you don’t save relations (look at the symbols) because with iD you can’t repair them.

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For iD ? just click on the OpenStreetMap logo


If you want to quick exit the OSM editor you can Press the “OpenStreetMap” logo in the top left of the screen. The logo is shown below:

After you press that it will take you directly back to the standard map view.