Qui est <new object>, le Troll des cimetières non intégrés en Corse ?


Si vous regardez sur Osmose la carte de Corse, elle est constellée de “cimetière non intégré”.
Ces nœuds, à ma connaissance, n’apparaissent nulle part à part sur Osmose, en tous cas pas sur osm.org.
Je n’ai pas compris comment les supprimer sur JOSM, alors je les modifie, soit par une description légale du cimetière si cela vaut le coup, soit par une place:locality que je supprime ensuite avec ID ?!

Qui saurait démasquer le Troll ?

If I understand the English version correctly, Osmose is looking at data from https://ign.fr, finding cemeteries in that data, and suggesting that they could be mapped in OSM.

I think that if a given cemetery is already mapped in OSM, you could mark as a false positive in Osmose. If it is not mapped, you could map it if you have enough knowledge to be sure there is really a cemetery at that point (i.e. not simply relying on IGN).

Or if you just don’t want to see this kind of suggestion on Osmose, choose “Hide from Map” for this specific issue, or uncheck all the “Integration” issues to not see any similar “integration” markers (I see the are some for other types of object than cemeteries).

I’m not sure if that answers your question.

TY Alan, but no, it is not my question. I know all of this.
My question is : Who is the Troll who corrupt on and on the osm base with bad data ?
The subsidiary question, once unmasked, will be how to prevent it from doing harm.

Oups ! Yes, Alan, it is the good answer !!!
The Troll is osmose !!! It is stupid ! There are wrong/useless data !
Sorry !

Please vote for https://github.com/osm-fr/osmose-backend/issues/1419