questions regarding JOSM presets


I’m trying to configuarte JOSM by using a preset file.
I managed to set one very basic up:

 <item name="Road" type="way">
   <label text="Inserting a highway" />
   <text key="name" text="Highway (e.g. M3)" />
   <combo key="highway" text="Highway type" values="unclassified,residential,primary,secondary,motorway,motorway_link,trunk,trunk_link,primary,primary_link,secondary,unclassified,track,residential,service,bridleway,cyclway,footway,steps" />

It works, but I would like to extend it. And I have problems doing it. any help is appreciated.
I already read this page:

The problems I have:

  1. I can’t set type a comma separated combination of “node”, “segment” and “way”. When I specify type"segment,way", JOSM issues an error at start up about parsing the file. I created a ticket for this already, but maybe i made a mistake.

  2. I would like to use icons for the items. But the icon attribute doesn’t seem to work. I also browsed the repository, but the path /images/symbols doesn’t exist. How do I have to set up the icon attribute?


There are no segments anymore maybe that’s the error?

I’m using the mappaint plugin and that can draw icons on the map, maybe you should have alook at that?

(I don’t know much about JOSM.)

There’s no need for the mappaint plugin any longer; versions of JOSM since 14th December have this functionality built in.