Question regarding original projection from overpass


Could anyone tell me what is the projection of data exported from Geojson)? I usually have to reproject it to either epsg:3857 or 4326 after downloading it, but here I’d just like to know how geojson is exported as, before any modifications. I notice it seems wider than wgs84 or pseudo-mercator.

Thank you!

Edit: My bad. After experimenting a bit more on mapshaper, when I try to change the projection using the command “proj wgs84”(or EPSG:4326) I get the message “[proj] Source and destination CRS are the same”, meaning it must be projected still using openstreetmap’s EPSG:4326 projection. Well, that’s a bit more convenient to me, but it’s strange because it doesn’t look like EPSG:4326 but like EPSG:3857, since the exported data looks well…fatter.

Thank you, still!

Just as a note: standard conforming GEOJson is always in EPSG:4326 there is nothing special about the ouput from Overpass.