Question regarding Oranjestad (city)(relation/14034189)

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I am doing an administrative map of the world using OSM data, and right now I’m mapping the data for The Netherlands, more specifically the Island of Aruba. I noticed that Oranjestad (city) has the same administrative level(8) as Oranjestad West and Orange Oost(East, I believe?).
My question is: does it make sense for all these elements to have the same admin level(8)? Because if the Orange West/East elements are different parts of the city Oranjestad then shouldn’t they have a lower admin level(for eample 9)? Because as of right now, there is no hierarchical criteria for these 3 elements, since they all have the same administrative relevance. Or should I take it that the info on OSM is correct as it is? If this is true, then one of these 3 will always be hidden, since they occupy the same space.
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Using the same admin level for areas that are divisions of a larger area doesn’t make sense.

The administrative boundaries for overseas territories are not as well maintained as the ones in continental Netherlands because we have good reference data for the latter (BAG).

You should probably talk to Aleksandar Matejevic who added the Oost & West relations, he’s not part of the local community so YMMV.

Looking at the ways of relation 14034189 you can reverse engineer the broken relation that Aleksandar fixed in changeset 121381966, it has type=boundary name=Oranjestad Oost on way 1051307563, and those belong on the relation. The same goes for the other ways. Way 1058284863 has type=boundary boundary=administrative admin_level=8, and way 1062997228 only has type=boundary. The type=boundary tag does not belong on ways, only relations.

The wiki only defines admin_level=8 for “Districts (Municipalities) known as GAC regions”. The subdivisions of GAC regions should likely be considered similar to Wijken en Buurten in continental NL (they are not administrative boundaries, they use type=boundary boundary=place place=quarter/place=neighbourhood) that is a good suggestion for Orjanjestad Oost/West.

Oranjestad-West and Oranjestad-Oost are considered zones according to the Dutch Wikipedia, place=borough might be appropriate for these, because both are further subdivided in wijken & buurten (place=quarter & place=neighbourhood).

Thanks for the reply! I think I got what you said. I’ll talk to Aleksandar Matejevic, but it looks like Oranjestad-West/Oost aren’t administrative boundaries per se, just different zones of the city, which would make a change to them sound sensical. But I’ll ask Aleksandar for more infos.

Hi Sledge92. sebastic is right, I was just fixing broken relations, and since the only admin_level in the description on I haven’t done any changes, just left it to the community to fix it to correct modeling. What I did in Aruba was adding census division using the data that I got from the Central Bureau of Statistics (I got them officially, they have sent me the files to add boundaries to the OSM). Per Wiki there is no administrative subdivision but it says for census purposes it is divided into 8 regions. I have added them as relations with boundary=census and border_type=region but I have also got the zones which are subregions (also for census purposes) and added them with border_type=zone. I have seen that some relations exist with administrative boundaries, but I would prefer someone local to fix or remove them. There are some ways that are not part of any relation

I would be glad to jump in and help in fixing the issues, just need some local mapper to provide guidance.

It’s a bit of a shame that the geometry for the census boundary for Oranjestad Oost (relation 14281712) doesn’t match the one that was fixed (relation 14174830).

It might be better to just remove the old boundaries for Oranjestad Oost/West and just keep the census ones. But I’ll leave that to the local community (if there is one, chances are good there a no active mappers on the island).

In changeset 123388237 I fixed the tags for the ways in the Oranjestad (city) relation and changed Oranjestad Oost/West relations to boundary=place tagging. That resolves the admin_level hierarchy issue.

Nice! I’ll update the info on my side, then. I’ll be following this thread to see how it’ll go from here, along with the changesets. Thank you for your work, sebastic and Aleksandar Matejevic!