Question regarding getting latest changes

Hi. Just wanted to ask if you know how to get the latest changes to administrative boundaries or if there have been changes to it in the last year(or any other period of time), in a certain country. For example checking if there have been either new or modified relations with the tag “boundary=administrative” after February 2023.
Thank you!

An addition to the “relation check” that @aTarom mentioned you might want to think about changes to ways within relations and nodes within those ways - an edit to a way within a relation will not alter the relation object, but the boundary will change.

@SomeoneElse @aTarom That was almost exactly what I needed. The only thing I added was “[“admin_level”](if:is_number(t[“admin_level”]))” and “(if:version()==1)”.
Thank you very much!

maybe something like this?

out center;
out center;