Question on tagging cycleway/footpath in Western Australia

In Ellenbrook, theres a number of multi-purpose paths used primarily by pedestrians but also by low speed (as in generally families) cyclists. Many seem to use multiple mixes of tags which dont seem to follow the suggestions here

eg is set as a “Sidewalk” (which from my reading should be a path on the side of a road, not one in a park) and has the following tags


I beleive it would be better marked as a “Foot Path” with the following tags


as the wiki indicates the highway should have the primary purpose and if bicycles are allowed to add the bicycle=yes tag

Most (if not all) paths in this area would be primarily for pedestrians with cycling allowed.

I walk/run through a lot of these areas and would like to alter the tags on paths I use where I’m certain both are allowed, but I dont want to start changing things if I’m not doing it correctly.


I agree with your suggestion, highway should be the primary type of way (so it does indeed sound like highway=footway in this case), footway=sidewalk is reserved for the path which runs alongside the road (which as you point out doesn’t apply here).

Then bicycle=yes is a good idea if bicycles are allowed, but not explicitly signposted (if it is signposted use bicycle=designated).

Thanks aharvey,

I’ll make the changes. The paths aren’t signposted so no bicycle=designated will be applied.