Question for creating POI in JOSM

hi All,

I am new to JOSM and try to use this tool to create my first map, however there is an issue with create POI, is there any button to create POI like shopping center? I try with “Preset”, however seems no effect…

And I tried using button “Draw Node A” in the left side, however, if I try to create more than 2 POI, it always create as a line (road)…

And it seems there are some different with the JOSM with the example screen, if you look at attached file “example.jpg” and “my.jpg”, in “example.jpg”, I find some buttons not appeared in my JOSM (my.jpg), any idea about this? Do I need to activate some setting???





All you need is to create a point with the Draw nodes A tool and the feed the tags for the point with Add tool in the Properties/Memberships section.
Draw nodes tool defaults to drawing a line if you insert many points in sequence. Unselect your first point for example by hitting “u” from the keyboard, and you can draw the next POI.

Thanks a lot, using “u”, I can draw the POI.