Question about satellite view photos


I was editing the map at my city (Medinah / KSA) and by knowing the changes while comparing them with the satellite photos were really old, not to mention some bad photos with half buildings etc…

Are they just done once and then left or they are often updated ?
If that’s so how often?

This creates issues with adding POIs at the right place.


Whilst it may be possible to get free satellite images, the aerial imagery that is actually useful involves someone paying for a plane to fly over the area. OSM relies on businesses donating those images, typically in the hope of being able to use the resulting maps. Generally they will reserve the best images for their own web sites, where they can get advertising revenue from them.

As such, you have to accept that the aerial imagery may be out of date and not the best available, however it is all that OSM is allowed to use.

Generally you should use the aerial imagery only as a guide fro placing features that you have actually surveyed “on the ground”.

Understood, thank you, actually yes , but I was trying to add the POI’s of my neighborhood and I know them of course by memory , also trying to add them one by one by moving to the places and adding them one by one would be a pain, however I understood how it works and it’s ok.
thank you for the informative post.