Question about "mode parallel" (Shift+P) in JOSM

Hi all,

in JOSM I often use the Shift+P hotkey to create a parallel way.
My typical use case: When I split a large wood (multi-)polygon along a road I select the
road going through that wood, press Shift+P and drag the selected way a few pixels
to match the width of the road. This produces a nice way parallel to the road, so far
so good. The copies have the same tags as the original roads, so I remove those.
Next I do the same for the other side of the road and finally I connect these
ways with the lines the build the outer bounds of the woods to complete the wood polygons.
My problem:
When the road has nodes with e.g. highway=crossing or highway=passing_place
the nodes in the copies of the road also have these tags. Is there a way to tell
JOSM that I don’t want any tags (neither on the copied way nor on any node) ?


Not that I’m aware of (but I’m not a pro).

I’d use the find-function:

  1. Select the duplicated way

  2. Crtl+F

  3. Make sure you have selected “replace selection”

  4. Search for “child selected -untagged”

  5. Remove all tags from the selected nodes

Edit: Refined search

Thanks for the hint, but that would make the copy process even more
complex. I’d prefer a solution that changes the default behaviour.
In fact I wonder why it is implemented like this, I can’t think of any reason
why one would need it?


I use the parallel ways feature exactly the way you do Gerd and wish it would copy only the way nodes. I must manually find and delete crossings, milestones, stop signs, etc. Deleting the highway tags is easy but it would be nice to not have to do that extra cleanup. Better to have some sort of switch that would control the resultant copy.


How about searching for new nodes that have tags on them. Something like “new tags:1-” ?

How about selecting all nodes of the new line/way with Ctrl-Shift-N just after moving it. Then selecting all attributes in the property window and delete them all together.


That works very well, thanks. I’m surprised it doesn’t delete the nodes comprising the way but it doesn’t.

Thanks, normally I simply use hotkey E to select the nodes of a way, don’t know the difference to Ctrl-Shift-N.
Still I wonder why the copy has any tags on the nodes or the way. Does anybody have a use case where this is useful?