Question about Incorrect administrative area name

OpenStreetMap has an administrative area with the name of “Enterprise” in the southwestern corner of Las Vegas, Nevada.

All of the addresses in this Area are actually “Las Vegas” addresses.

So if I look in OpenStreetMap for:

Summers Ranch Ct., Las Vegas, NV 89139

I will not find it. But if I search for

Summers Ranch Ct., Enterprise, NV 89139

It will find this.

Enterprise is actually an unincorporated town but all of the addresses within Enterprise are actually “Las Vegas” addresses.

How can this be resolved in OpenStreetMap. Is there some kind of alias functionality that will allow me to edit the Enterprise admin area that will make it show up in search results for Las Vegas? Or should the Enterprise area be merged into the Las Vegas area?

Do you refer to this area?

When this area is really a suburb of Las Vegas, then changing the admin_level from =8 to =9 might be a solution.

But I am not familiar with the order of boundary relations in the USA.

How are other suburbs tagged als relation in other big cities there?

So someone else familiar with the administrative model inside USA can give a comment?

Yes that is the area I am referring to.

Well, if there are no more postings here to solve your issue with the nominatim search, try to investigate the system of administrative borders inside USA via or the USE subforum here:

There is close to zero traffic on the US forum, as the more experienced members of the US OSM community much prefer the talk-us mailing list or IRC (neither of which I use, so cannot tell you much about them).

It shouldn’t be tagged as place=locality - that tag is for unpopulated named places. It would be better to tag it as something like place=suburb or place=town

That might help with address searching.