Question about highway ref tags


This is Andrew from Apple again. We have been researching the highway numbering system (‘refs’) in Bosnia & Herzegovina and we would appreciate your help in clarifying what is the most current system – quite a few roads currently have two refs in OpenStreetMap.

I read that in 2014, the national government produced a decision suggesting updates to the ref system. This decision and document appear to have been used to update the refs in parts of the country ( I also found another decision in 2018 which terminated the implementation of the 2014 decision (

It looks like the new refs in the 2014 document were added in addition to the older refs. A few examples are & What system is currently accurate? And is there a better resource for confirming refs?

Additionally, we have been researching signage seen on the ground to determine how these refs are displayed. There are quite a few colors used for signs (green, yellow, blue) and we wanted to know if the color indicates anything specifically. Some refs are also missing the “M” and “R” before the number on signs, are they necessary?





Ovo je Andrew iz Applea opet. Istražili smo sustav numeriranja autocesta (‘refs’) u Bosni i Hercegovini i cijenili bismo vašu pomoć u razjašnjenju koji je najaktualniji sustav - dosta puteva trenutno ima dva ref broja u OpenStreetMap.

Čitao sam da je 2014 nacionalna vlada donijela odluku kojom je predložila ažuriranja ref sistema. Čini se da su ta odluka i dokument korišteni za ažuriranje refs u dijelovima zemlje ( Našao sam drugu odluku u 2018 kojom je prekinuta provedba odluke iz 2014 (

Izgleda da su nove refs dodane uz starije refs u dokumentu iz 2014. Nekoliko primjera su & Koji je sistem trenutno tačan? I postoji li bolji izvor za potvrdu refs?

Pored toga, istraživali smo znakove na terenu kako bismo utvrdili kako se prikazuju ti podaci. Postoji nekoliko boja koje se koriste za znakove (zelena, žuta, plava) i htjeli smo znati znače li boje nešto posebno. Nekim refs nedostaju i “M” i “R” prije broja na znakovima, jesu li potrebni?



In the Federation BiH, nothing has been changed: the ‘new’ numbers (like M120, etc) are not in use like you already stated in your post. There have been some smaller changes however since 2018 (like new Magistral roads M4.3 and M17.5 and regional roads R457 and R448a)

The Republika Srpska however did change their road numbers in October 2019. ( see ). The old Yugoslav numering system is therefore officially not in use anymore in Srpska since new M- and R-numbers have been introduced. Also, new numbers have been assigned to the Autput 9.Januar (A2) and the E661 (A1) according to the mentioned document.

Unfortunately, I cannot find official documents about the (current) road numbering in District Brcko. I therefore suppose that the old Yugoslav systeem is still in use.