Querying the Esri World Imagery with OSM?


ESRI recently released their collection of satellite imagery and allowed OSM editors to use them as the background for mapping:

I am wondering, would there be any addition to some of the OSM query online services to enable downloading these satellite images?
For example: through Overpass API or similar service?

I would welcome any reply on this.

Best Regards

They are also available in the latest release of the iD editor: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-us/2017-August/017677.html

The blog post you cited already answers your question:

Aerial imagery is only provided for OSM mapping purposes, e.g. as background layer in said OSM editors. Any other use is usually not permitted, depending on respective license terms.

Thank you for the replies both muralito and escada!
I assumed that the ESRI satellite images are already implement, as this is mentioned in the ESRI article.

I would like to know if I can somehow query those satellite images through url, the same way I do that now through Overpass API.

Does any one know whether this functionality will maybe be added to the Overpass API?

Or can this be done directly through ESRI services?

Overpass API serves raw OSM data, not aerial imagery! I have no idea what makes you believe this could be any different.

Thank you for the clarification mmd.

I didn’t refresh the page, so I haven’t seen your first reply. Sorry.

I also apologize for having such a stupid assumption. Thank you once again for the answer!

Don’t worry. There are many tools and services in the OSM universe. It’s not always obvious what they’re good for or how to use them.