Query on Motorway in Greece


I was doing Maproullete challenge on “Greece Road Alignment” when I came across this issue:


A motorway is normally represented by a series two parallel ways, one for each carriageway tagged with highway=motorway. But the middle gap between the two carriageways has been also demarcated as Motorway with structure tagged as “Embankment”.

Way: Kozani - Ptolemaida - Niki (467808904)

I guess this is incorrect and I wanted to delete the same.

Kindly suggest.

It is not correct, it is an exaggeration! Since there is not physical barrier, the two lanes cannot go in parallel!

well that is not the middle gap, just the main main motorway, the one on the right though is a motorway link thats been extended a little too much…it is also ok to use embankment for elevated sections