query names for relation id´s

I created a dataset with about 2600 administrative areas using Wambacher´s boundaries tool. Unfortunately, this dataset does not contain English names, as this feature was only recently added. Is there a way to use a table with my 2600 relationship id´s as input to query the name and name:en tag and add the info to this table?

Maybe you can create a batch query via the famous http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Overpass_API

but be sure to have a pause of some seconds between the queries if you have them in a kind of loop, to not harm the server.

Thanks, I only used Overpass Turbo once, it wasn’t obvious to me that you can indeed query Id’s and print only tags. I think this might do the trick.

So with a bit of perseverance I’v created this query http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/5z2 as an example. However, it gives me all the tags for the members of the relation, but not the tags for the relation itself… What did I do wrong?


Right, so I’ve generated the middle part of muralito’s query for all the ID’s I need. Then paste about 50 of them between and . I sorted them by continent, as I understand there is some geografic logic in querying the data.
Thanks for your help, kind communiy!