Query Features - IS IN


I want to use this info on the left in one android app. I couldnt find anything on the internet about how to get this info. Any hint about it?

I guess the area is called “Is in”.

Thanks in advance

While the picture you included is illegible it doesn’t really matter, for what it is worth the “is_in” tags are deprecated and definitely shouldn’t be relied upon.

If you could tell us what you actually want to do (in particular if you need to be able to do whatever offline), we might be able to suggest alternative approaches.


In portugal, in 2016, there was a new arrangment of localities and admin areas. There is no reliable source so easy to use as OSM. I dont know the right names to call it in english, but i want the District and Parish (in portuguese Distrito and Freguesia) info about some coordinates. In OSM the left info “is_in” is right and thats the one i want to use.

Hello andere,

Maybe you need an own database with two kind of objects:

  1. The POIs, buildings. amenity or what ever you want to have,
  2. The boundaries of political structure as boundary relation objects (areas).

Then you need geospatial queries about your objects to find out the result you want.

Maybe the webservice of user wambacher can help you as a starting point?