Quality issues in Map-with-AI/RapID

Dear Indian community,

first a disclaimer: My issue concerns the Maldives, which I know are not part of India. Yet,there is no forum for the Maldives or Asia in general and you are the geographically closest community. The mapper concerned is most active in Bangladesh though.

The problem is that a (relatively) large amount of changesets like Changeset: 147753045 | OpenStreetMap have appeared in an area I have subscribed to. These changesets created many issues due to the databases used:

mapwithai;Microsoft Buildings;Facebook Roads

I will try to fix some of the issues, but nevertheless wanted to make the community aware of this problematic databases and see if this is a known issue and how to overcome it?

I have also contacted the mapper but he did not respond yet.



You’ve done all the right things trying to contact them, but as it hasn’t worked I’ve sent them a message that they have to read before continuing to edit. They’ll be able to continue as soon as they have read it.

– Andy, from the DWG

(if anyone any further questions, and wants to email the DWG privately rather than post here, you can email data@openstreetmap.org with a subject of “[Ticket#2024031010000288] Quality issues in Map-with-AI/RapID”

The first attempt did not work so I’ve tried again.

Oh yeah, there’s a ton of issue with AI datasets, specifically the roads in my case.

Ever since I started contributing on OSM, most of my changes for roads has been correcting crude road geometry, improper connections at junctions and removing nonexistant/improperly tagged roads, which (if used for navigating without any caution, like how a typical end-user with no knowledge about how such data works and how frequently is it updated) can cause accidents.

P.S: Here’s some of the FB Mappers who were responsible for adding the roads without proper QA in my region (i.e, in and around the Indian District of Jalpaiguri):

Those four users are all ex-mappers for Facebook, with their last edits a year ago. I don’t expect you’d get a reply from the mappers themselves now, but if you commented on a problem changeset explaining what OSM object(s) are wrong you may well get a reply from someone at Facebook. Of the four, 3 did reply to changeset comments (while they were active - see here, here and here) and one has had no changeset comments. I’ve checked the DWG ticketing system by name for these mappers and haven’t found anything there either.

If there is a problem that still needs fixing, please comment on the changeset in the first instance and then if nothing happens for a week or so email Facebook at osm@fb.com. If you still don’t get a response mail the DWG via data@openstreetmap.org.

At this point, I believe it’s much more efficient to just manually do the roads by surveying or armchair mapping with adequate knowledge of the towns/cities/villages. It would definitely take some manpower and time to do it, but I believe it’s far better than rolling back changesets entirely, removing even existing roads which might have been corrected.

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I suspect that you’re correct, but I’d definitely suggest that Facebook help with that since (based on what you said above**) they apparently caused the problem in the first place.

** as mentioned above I don’t think the DWG has had any specific reports here.

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