Qt QML OSM Map max and MinZoomLevel

I’m building a desktop application in Qt creator using Qt quick, where most of the coding is done in QML. My app consists of a Map with some functions. I’m using OpenStreetMap plugin for my map, but the minimumZoomLevel (3) and maximumZoomLevel (25) doesn’t get set, have anyone experienced something similar? Is there a min or max for these values?


OSM doesn’t have zoom levels; it is a vector map database. Either your plugin is arbitrarily imposing zoom levels on that vector data or it is using bitmap tiles.

The bitmap tiles are subject to fair usage restrictions, as they are provided for mappers, not for end users, but they should not need any special plugin as they are standard sllippy map tiles and any slippy map plugin should work, provided it is given the right rules for tile names. (Although not relevant to your issue, have you checked that your usage comes within the fair usage limits?)

The standard rendering tiles (the ones actually provided by the OSM itself, rather than third parties, have a maximum zoom of 19, although the the minimum zoom does seem to be 0, unless that is synthesized in the web interface.

I believe that the Qt plugin will be using bitmap tiles (likely by default OSM’s “standard layer” such as https://a.tile.openstreetmap.org/9/254/166.png ). The min and max zoom leverls as hadw says are 0 https://a.tile.openstreetmap.org/0/0/0.png to 19 https://a.tile.openstreetmap.org/19/261814/174342.png ). Other tiles may have different min and max zoom levels (I render some between 0 and 24), but you’d need to tell the Qt plugin to use those tiles and (if you’re generating your own tiles) actually create some.