Qgis reverse georeferencing?


Is it possible to reverse georeferencing?
From OSM to a unreferenced map?

thx m.

Reverse georeferencing, you have a coordinate and you want a human-readable address or place name with that.

Via Nomination: What is at lat=33.8, lon=48.2

Or is this what you want?

Hi emvee
Nope. I have maps and can georeference them with ease, but then they are warped. I need them unwarped. Imagine an osm layer or satellite pics or whatever on an ancient map. Would be great if you have an idea.

I don’t know how you’d translate known coordinates to an unknown projection, but you could potentially georeference the old map to reproject it to a modern coordinate system and then choose a modern projection that’s reasonably close to the one used in the original map?