Q. What fonts are used in Israel maps?

I’m developer of OrganicMaps.app and what to clarify with Israel community how to render labels.

Currently our app shows city names with Times New Roman font:

While Google Map uses Arial.

Here I found different inscriptions for Hebrew: https://tovimpress.com/hebrew-fonts/

Question: What font is used on maps in Israel? What font do you see on public transport maps, tourist maps, city plans?

Times New Roman is considered an old fashion font. Please checkout the fonts used by sites such as Wikipedia and Google for their text and titles

Hi and thank you for the question.
In Hebrew like many other languages we’re using a sans-serif fonts on screen while serif fonts are usually better for printing, so the Noto fonts are quite popular for maps, both Google maps and OSM are using this one with all its variants.

Thanks for response. Will consider to use Noto for OrganicMaps.

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