putting maps on a GPS device

Hi there, this is the first of probably many questions.

I have a garmin GPS MAP 64s
Im just learning how to use it but the worldwide base map is…at best, very lean.
I am in China at the moment and I cannot load anything through basemap as I only have a work computer and Im not allowed to have “other” programs on it.
I would however like to have a little more information like an occasional street or POI rather than just a blank screen with my garmin pointer and a track.
Is it at all possible to load a map of the Shanghai district or area without basecamp?

Is it possible to get the files and just import them manually onto the device?

If so, could someone please describe the steps to a GPS challenged individual.

I loaded a birdseye file of Shanghai onto my unit while in Australia using basecamp, but I purchased a new 4 gig micro sd card and thought Id be smart and transfer all my birdseye images to the card.
Of course this failed as the device does not recognise the card or any of the images on it.
In addition when I transferred the image back to the device it called it invalid.
Probably more draconian security measures the overly cautious garmin techs have implemented.
It seems that everything has to be overly complex, difficult and painful as well as heavily security bias for it to work with Garmin products
Is it possible to recover this image or is it lost forever in the wonderful world of garmin security protocol?

I tried , when I had access to basecamp, to load the birdseye images to a 32 gig micro sd card , but the device could not or would not read anything from this card.
Am I missing something or is there a trick to get the device to recognise the card?
I decided to try a different approach by purchasing a smaller card 4 gig, which is what was mentioned in some garmin information I found while trolling the web.
But the unit still dose not recognise the card or any files on it.

I realise that there is probably all sorts of hoops and twists to get anything working, so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

One would think, seeing as these units are for navigation and have all sorts of functionality, that garmin would make the process as simple as possible.
Im not computer savy, Im of a mature age and can barely get my computer to do as its told, but I had hoped that addition of mapping and birdseye would be much easier than it appears to be.
Otherwise I have a very expensive barometer and track recorder.


Thanking anyone in advance for any help.

This DC Rainmaker guide probably works for most Garmin devices and he is very detailed a was of great assistance to me when starting out http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2013/05/download-garmin-705800810.html
There are many sites that provide gmapsupp.img files to copy onto device into a directory called garmin.

As explained in the DC Rainmaker guide, all you need to do is go to http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ and select the type of map you want (probably Generic Routable or Generic Routable (new style)), select asia>china in the drop down box, at the left side you will see it is about 396 MB, select download and choose the gmapsup.zip, after it downloads, unzip it (normally double clicking on the file will unzip it), and copy the unzipped gmapsupp.img to a directory called Garmin on you sd drive.
When you restart your garmin the map should be visible and display where you are. If not then go to setup on the device>map>select map and select the map and ‘enable it’. (or similar)

If that is too big you can use “Enable manual tile selection” and choose a few tiles around Shanghai district and put in your email address and when the map is ready you will get an email with the download link.

I have an etrex, a imac and I don’t use Basecamp much and I haven’t used birdseye imagery so can’t advise and you may use windows so things may be different for you.

When you plug your garmin into the computer, you should see separate drives for the garmin and the sd card and on the garmin drive you will probably have a directory called Documents…the pdf in there is a manual in addition to the quick start guide which you probably got in the box. Or here https://support.garmin.com/support/manuals/searchManuals.faces

memory card supported https://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId={691d1d30-890e-11e3-d5f4-000000000000} The cards i have bought so far have worked without any need to reformat.

And this forum is specific to garmin devices like nuvis and the handhelds like yours and has some very talented experts keen to assist with any problems you might have with the gps http://forums.gpsreview.net/categories/garmin-handheld-gps-and-fitness-gps-forum

Thanks NEVW
Very helpful

Using the links and advice I got maps for Shanghai and surrounds loadaed with ease, its not as difficult as it would seem.

the process I used was this
I opened the OSM direct load zip file and extracted the contents direct to the memory card in the unit…thats it
Why wasnt this explained in the Garmin documentation???

I still cannot get birdseye images onto the memory card to work though, perhaps Ill have to go through the whole down load and re load process again

thanks again for your help

I am a little confused…again

I now have maps of the UK and Jiading, great
But when I zoom in the sections that are green on the computer are black on the GPS device.
Is there some way to alter this a bit as it make reading the map somewhat less appealing to the eye?


Valkie, maybe you have to turn the shaded relief off in the map details settings. Or maybe you are watching the maps in night mode, set in Appearance > Mode > Day (at least this is how it works on my Oregon, dont know the GPSmap 64). And also remember to view / select only one map (besides the basemap) and don’t set several maps active.

Thanks Ligfietser;
That cleaned it up a bit, I had two maps open at the same time, deleted one and its a lot better, but still has black sections in some areas.
I have ensured that its day mode and checked all the other settings, but its still there.
What I have noticed though, as I zoom some of the black in some areas dissapears and is of a lighter colour.
Also, it seems to only be in areas close to city or heavily built up areas, perhaps I will just live with it.
But in any case, its much better now, so thanks for the help.

Im still lost on the birdseye problem though.
I can only view the birdseye files if I place them direct onto the garmin GPS memory.
Any I add to the SD card never show.
They are also never available in the map selection listing on the GPS, regardless of if they are added to the GPS or SD card.
I have contacted Garmin, but no response yet.

Found the cure, it was a simple setting all along
If one leaves the “Marine” setting on any of the profiles other than for marine use, many tiles appear blacked out.
Dont know why, it just does.

By turnng off the marine setting for all profiles except marine all is cleared up and everything appears nice and clear, no black.
Thanks all for yor help.

Everything is working hunky dory now.

Now if I can just cure that damn birdseye problem…