Put important tourist information onto the map

Hello friends,

I am using openStreetMap (MapsMe as application) for years now but never really edited information. I am not sure how to do the following, so I will briefly explain what I want to do.

This is the train station at Berlin Schönefeld airport:

I need to change my train there two times per day and every time, it takes just 30 seconds to observe the fact, that tourists are not able to manage to get into the correct train. This is due to two facts:

  1. Many tourists just enter trains without reading where it goes to
  2. There are four station platforms with 2 tracks each and in front of one of these four, there is a huge sign saying:
    „Trains to Berlin“, which might make people thinking that every train there goes to Berlin, even though there are four lines going from there and just two go to Berlin City, while the other ones go into the countryside. Technically, it‘s a change of two in seven to get to correct train, because three of the four lines go in two directions and one ends there. But it seems to be the fact, that most tourists enter literally any train that arrives.
    I saved hundreds of tourists from going in to the nowhere in the past, but it would be nice to at least inform people using open street map automatically about which train line to take.

Is there some possibility to add information like that into OSM and under which category should I add that?
See the picture from about. As I said, there are four station platforms in the station, I am naming them A to D in this post.
From A, there are fast trains going to town, but just on two of four lines (as said above).
From B, none of the trains goes go Berlin.
C is closes and no trains use it at all.
From D, there is some sort of metro with two lines, both going to Berlin every ten minutes, but into different directions. But they are a lot slower than going to A and taking the correct one.

I hope everybody understands what I am talking about, I would be very happy to help people using OSM to avoid these problems.
But how could I add that information? Can I use the category „tourist information“ and add some free text?
Or is OSM the wrong place to add these information anyway?

If you’re a regular visitor to Schönefeld I’d suggest asking in the German sub-forum: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewforum.php?id=14 - you’re more likely to get in touch with local Berlin mappers that way.

Looking at the area in OSM itself, the platforms do seem to be not individually mapped - see for example https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/35781012#map=17/52.39164/13.51273&layers=T .

Hi, thanks for your answer. I have opened a new thread in the German forum and shifted the discussion to that topic. Thanks for that idea, I think you are right.