Pure fuel station, change of brand name


Russ mentioned here
that the brand of the petrol station changed from “Pure” to “Maxima”.

As my JOSM presets currently lists “Pure” I would like to confirm this and ask for what their new logo looks like. The presets are shared and I want to prevent having false entries around.

I know this as their logo:

Previously I knew “Maxima” only as their brand for motor oil:

How does the new logo look like?

Their website still show the old “Pure” logo and also don’t mention anything about a change to “Maxima”.

Please give some hints. Maybe our native speaker can help out.


I haven’t seen any of these yet but I’ll get a photo next time I do.

I found 19 fuel stations tagged as “Pure”. Might miss the one or the other with my query, but could give an indication on where to look for them.


I had hoped that there is some hint on the website of the company. I assumed that when a brand is changed this is something a press note would be released. But their press archive lists nothing in this direction.
Just remembered you can count on Johnny :wink:


So yes: It definitely looks re-branded. Question is: Was “Pure” re-branded or maybe just a single station sold and “Maxima” is a different company’s brand? Do we have to re-examine the other 18 stations?


After some research I figured out that the Maxima brand (including fuel stations) belongs to Siam Chemicals, specialized in Ethanol fuel.


What I’m missing is the connection to Pure and whether all is now re-branded.

Hmm. This 2013 news article (in Thai) mentions that Siam Chemical used to operate 70 Maxima stations prior to the 1997 economic crisis, but were down to 3 stations when the piece was written, with no plans to expand its fuel station business in the near future. It also mentions that Siam Chemical supplied E85 fuel for 70 Pure stations. Coincidence? Probably not, but I couldn’t find any more info about the relationship. I doubt it’s a re-branding though. Something like that would have been in the news.

I was in Chiang Rai the other day and came across a Maxima station on the 1211 that had been tagged Susco before. It is here: N19.87925° E99.79296°. I think that Susco tag was correct because I’ve driven that road many times and probably would have noticed any discrepancy.

At any rate, they offer diesel, gasohol 91 and 95, and E85 motor fuel. I’ve updated the POI but did not add any Thai names or operator.