Pubs as areas

I’ve created an area that represents the whole of a pub - building/beer garden & car park.

name = The Dog

It fails to render in Mapnik/Osmarender.

Do I need to add something else or is it something the renderers need to sort out?

Dave F.

Can you link to an example on the map? Is it rendered at all?

If you have a area tagged with building=yes and amenity=pub then it renders fine as a building with a pub icon etc. Though the garden isn’t a building - maybe have an area with building=yes next to an area with leisure=garden?

Also, I don’t think the car park should be tagged as amenity=pub, as its not actually part of the pub. Just as a supermarket car park is not part of the shop. Just draw it as a separate area with amenity=parking, plus name=pub car park or whatever.

You’re correct.
If I want to micro map I suppose I have to go the whole hog & draw all areas individually.

Dave F.