Pubs and Sports Clubs

Hello all, I am new to the OSM world and have a few questions…

When I start adding to the map, one of the easy things to do will be to add data for pubs (which most people I know navigate by :P) and sports clubs (as I all to often can’t find accurate maps to away fixtures) as well as improving the road coverage around my area. This has lead to some thoughts:

a) Would an attribute indicating a pub’s chain be of use? While you can put a shop or resteraunt’s chain as it’s name attribure (eg Tesco, Pizza Hut etc) it is not uncommon to refer to some pub by the chain as well as the name (eg “The Wetherspoon’s in town”). Is there an existing convention? How do I propose a new one?

b) Is there any reason that the icon for a pub I see on the map (a nice friendly pint of beer) differs from the one on the features wikkipage, a somewhat suspect cocktail glass?

c) Most of the clubs I will be entering will be rugby clubs. There are some which share facilities with other sports clubs. I appreciate there is a multi value for the sports attribute, but I’d like to be able to accurately indicate which sports are available, including the clubs’ names, at given locations. Are muliple nodes the way to go or can the same node have multiple sport=xxx and name=xxx attributes?

a) You can use the ‘operator’ tag for adding brand/chain/operator info, e.g. operator=Wetherspoon’s

b) There are different map renderers which all use their own set of symbols. But, maybe the wiki symbol is just out-of-date.

c) One tag can have multiple values e.g. sport=soccer;rugby and name=soccerclubname;rugbyclubname (note the semicolon).

But I believe there is also the option to do something like this:

  • name:soccer=soccerclubname
  • name:rugby=rugbyclubname

Don’t know if his will be rendered (guess not) and maybe there are other scheme’s as well, not sure about that. Perhaps someone else can help out on this…

Thanks for your response; what follows is a fairly ad-hoc and stream-of-consciousness-esque reflection on the issues raised by your most speculative response, fuelled by a few pints in the Mess bar; apologies for any typos or incoherence…

If an individual node has multiple names for different sports’ clubs, should icons for all of them be displayed? If not which will? I suppose it is an issue for the designer of the rendering solution; they may well decide that where multiple sports are specified the most apporopriate representation is the multi-sport icon. This still allows people generating, for the sake of argument, a rugby map of London (a la the cycling map rendering which emphasises features of interest to cyclists) to show the rugby icon at a location with multiple sport clubs, while someone with a cricket interest could show the cricket icon, etc. A general rendering showing a multisport icon would need to display all of the club names though; while some multiple sports grounds have the same nae (eg, Old Whitgiftian RFC, Old Whitgiftian FC, Old Whitgiftian HC), I have played at grounds where radically differently named clubs shae (eg West London RFC, London Nigerians FC).

I realise I’m straying from how to structure the geo-data that is being collected to how that data is displayed by different applications, but I believe the latter must inform, though not dictate to, the former.

This solution isn’t very obvious and if it isn’t tagged the same all over it’s going to be apain to deal with all those exceptions…

I think if you have multiple sports in one plave just put more than one node, it’s the ugliest solution but also the most usefull ATM,