Public transport: Real Time Information

Hello everyone.

What do you think about the possibility of adding a url to the “departures_board” or “passenger_information_display” tag to be able to report arrival times in real time at a stop or train / subway / bus station?

I think it can be very useful information. If it is added in a simple way through a tag, it could be easily implemented by mapping and navigation software and used for navigation in public transport or simply for querying the waiting time at a specific stop or public transport station.

Is there any objection to this matter? I think that if the posibility of adding a website to the “departures_board” tag is standardized it would be very positive to have more information in osm about public transport

You can add any tags you like. Where I live, bus stops have a QR code on them and I’ve added some of those as websites. See for example .

Try searching for things that sound a bit like the things that you are interested in adding - it wouldn’t surprise me if someone, somewhere is adding those already.

I think we should agree on how to enter this data and not do it differently for each user, as I understand this is how OSM should work