Public Transport new schema - I don't agree

Hello guys, it’s my first post here.

My opinion is that the new public transport schema came into live without any former testing/tags migration etc. ( ) Frankly, I can’t understand why it has been immediately approved by 95% of users . This has been done in 2011 and it is still not rendered correctly on the OSM.

I drew every single railway station and railway halt in Poland, ex-Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and South Caucasus (recently also Turkmenistan) as 90% of them were still missing. Recently, I see that my tags are slowly disappearing from the map as railway=station and railway=halt are being switched towards public_transport=xxx. Yes, tags are not added but replaced, (e.g. check Van in Turkey). These tags are NOT AT ALL rendered on OSM !! (they all disappeared from the transport layer !!) Again, they can’ be found using the search function. Is it possible to either automatically double existing tags (both ways) or force OSM to draw them? Come on, some people use OSM in their everyday life and implementing new functionalities should not cause a simultaneous ‘downgrade’.

Or correct me if I’m wrong,

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A Mapper doing this does something wrong, because railway=station and railway=halt have a meaning beyond the public transport schema.

So many users do that !!

I see users don’t realize that JOSM remove railway=station or halt tags while adding stop position.

Can this be fixed?