Public transport in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Here is a quick app I made: to visualise public transportation in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Currently it solves two questions:

  1. What is the route of each bus line? (select a line from the list in the left)
  2. What bus lines pass trough a given bus stop? (click on the map, select a bus stop and display all routes trough it)
    It is using local OSM3S server for data provider.

It is not very shiny as it is my first OpenLayers app, but I think it could be useful :slight_smile:

Any comments and critique are welcome.

Very nice - I like how it shows the routes, and also displays from the rider’s point of view by expanding on each stop.

Uhm, it doesn’t do that :slight_smile: If it does - it is not a planned feature :slight_smile:
Loading routes after you have selected a bus stop is doing a separate asynchronous request for each route and that’s why they load at random times, but the whole route is loaded at once. There are no separate segments between bus stops.

I thought about displaying bus stops along the routes, but there are really lots of bus stops in that city and I don’t want to do it.


Add a Permalink-Funktion. This makes it easier to post a link.
Check bus line 18: “Автобус 18 (Завод “Устрем” - Хангарите)”. There seems to be an error – main station is linked directly to the far west. Perhaps it’s an error in OSM data.

I really like it!!
It’s much more colourful than my map at


Thanks for the tip! I will implement this at some time.

Yeah, there are some routes that don’t go so well with my current rendering. Currently I try to combine all the ways from a given relation into one big multi line feature that is to be drawn. If there is a loop in the route (like roundabout) or some ways are severed from the others it does funny things when drawing that. One possible solution for that is to not combine all the ways into one way, but display them as separate line features. But I think in that way it would be heavier for the visitor’s browser - drawing 30 times more vectors.