Public bath tagging

Help to tag it right.
It is located in a building, could have different compartments owned by the same company. Each compartment is accessed with different tickets for different prices. Opening hours, gender access & services are also could be different.

For exmple:
Building is called Moskovskie bani
Inside it has:
Compartment #1 is called Common, it has showers, russian banya & sauna.
Opening hours Su-Tu 09:00-21:00 for males only, Fr 09:00-21:00 for females only, Su 09:00-21:00 for both genders.
Compartment #2 is called Lux, it has showers, hammam, russian banya & 2 saunas.
Opening hours Su-Tu 08:00-22:00 for females only, Fr 08:00-22:00 for males only, Su 08:00-22:00 for both genders.

Proper tagging scheme is appeciated.

Sauna itself can be tagged with Tag:leisure=sauna - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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I’ve seen this.
I wonder why hammam tagging is recommended like
amenity=public_bath + bath:type=hammam
& sauna is

The simple answer is: this is the logic of OSM tagging … :wink:

The more sophisticated answer probably: A hammam usually is a public place and therefore grouped under amenity=public_bath whereas a sauna can be a public facility as well but in most cases is a private object (which also include saunas in hotels and the like). Of course one could distinguish tagging the public saunas as amenity=public_bath + bath:type=sauna and the private ones as leisure=sauna but would that make sense?


I think it makes more sense because hammam & sauna are facilities of the same kind like roman bath, russian banya, japan onsens etc. I’d unite these all into bath:type.
Though thats not a problem, i can tag leisure & bath:type on the same object.
My main question is opened still.

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My main question is opened still.

there is no scheme for “compartments” of the same structure, typically I think you would map each on its own, with appropriate tags that describe it. Do they have a common name?

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No, They could be named like Common class #1, Common class #2, 1st male rank, 2nd male rank, Historical class, Lux class #1, Semi-lux class etc. But these are all parts of the same bathing complex. I’m agree it is best to map each on its own. But how to describe connection of every “compartment” with bathing complex?

I would tag the whole building with amenity=public_bath + name=Moskovskie bani + address tags. For every compartment place a node into the building area with amenty=pubpic_bath + bath:type=* + opening hours etc.

Maybe that is not perfect but it would at least be a quite simple solution and allow to map every compartment separately with all the appropriate tags without multiplicating the complex name.

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That will looks like 2 different amenities & without names for compartments.

I’ve taken a closer look at tagging examples. Buldings are just tagged leisure=sauna with no detials about compartments & bath types inside even if they have it. I think there is no acceptable way to tag it.
What about gender restrictions for opening hours? I know about male/female=yes tags but how to divide it into different days?

I you do not want to use the tag amenity=public_bath on the building as well as the “compartments” you can tag the building as building=yes/commercial (or whatever applies) + name and address.

Then enter nodes for the various “compartments” withs amenty=public_bath + bath:type=* + opening hours etc. and of course name=* (if these “compartments” have appropriate names). If the “names” are more internal terms you can use alt_name=* instead.

The opening hours restricted to male and femal can be tagged as “conditional” imho, for example

opening_hours=Su-Tu 09:00-21:00; Fr 09:00-21:00
opening_hours:male:conditional=no @ Fr 09:00-21:00
opening_hours:female:conditional=no @ Mo-Tu 09:00-21:00

for more details check the wiki page for conditional restrictions.

(Btw. these opening hours exclude Wednesday and Thursday completely - is that the case?)

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I was wrong. All these places are tagged as leisure=sauna & sauna=* for sauna types. Public bath i think is for places where people can sit & swim in the water together.

But how to describe that all these compartments are parts of one organisation (e.g. Moskovskie bany).
Following your advice i would tag building=commercial + name=Moskovskie bany. And leisure=sauna + sauna=*(types) + name=Lux on the point inside. But then i need to change the schema used: they tag the whole complex as leisure=sauna, name=Moskovsike bany, not tagging every compartment inside. For example

This complex has 4 different compartments inside that are not tagged.

Thats great. I’m sure that’s what i need.

Yes, usualy saunas have sanitary days.

Yes, that is what we call “you have to die one death anyway” in my language meaning you can either have the first option or the second one but not both at the same time. I personally think by putting the nodes for the “compartments” into the area of the building with the name Moskovsike bany it is quite clear that these objects belong together. If you want to put even more effort into it maybe a site relation is the solution. I have never used one so far but you will find the necesssary details here.

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I’ve checked site relations. It fits for objects that are part of one site on the same level of hierarchy. Given that site relations don’t imply hierarchical levels at all. It is analogue of multipolygon but can include nodes & lines. So it doesn’t fit for my purpose.