PTNA: news for Public Transport Network Analysis

After clicking “copy” there is a popup which needs a second click to close. Is it possible to confirm the copying without a popup to speed it up a little more?

PS: Thanks again for the tool. It speeds up mapping a lot. My requests are finetuning on a high level.

Yeah, I see, this is tedious. I could, alternatively, automatically remove the popup after 1 or 2 seconds, via timeout.

I just added analysis of public-transport for

to ptna

Thanks again for including Estonia.
Do I understand correctly that separate analysis files would mean separate entries in this table?

I think it can be useful as currently there are many lines with same number in different cities. One file is also not really a problem, IMO, just needs a typo fix if it’s left as it is (Esti => Eesti)

On the other hand, will it be dynamic? If a network/agency changes it’s name, is deleted or added, will it be automatically reflected in the table?

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Could you re-run an analysis of US-MA-MBTA GTFS data? A lot of routes had validity dates that ended on Dec 16.

Thanks as always for all your work on this!

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Yes, but that is no issue. For DE, there are lots of them.

That’s a good point, so we’ll have dedicated analysis result files for the ‘network’ values.

Having a single file in this case makes it complicated for you and me and PTNA to distiguish the various lines with identical numbers. This is implemented, DE-SN-VMS has 11 times ‘A’ in different cities, partly with same operator.

No, no dynamic adaption. But changes aren’t an issue, just give me a notice here and I’ll change that. Takes a few minutes only, mostly c&p.


  • which ‘network’ values shall I start with, create dedicated analysis files?
  • where shall I store their CSV data in the OSM wiki?

More precise: having several lines with identical numbers is not a problem for PTNA but …

  • ‘operator’ must be set in the route relations (minimum requirement)
  • same value must be used in the CSV (minimum requirement)
  • if two or more lines with same number have same operator, then
    • ‘from’ and ‘to’ values must exist in the relations
    • same values or substrings must be set in CSV data

This makes it quite complicated, I recommend avoiding this.

I noticed a new thread: Public Transport Network Analysis - Estonia.
Let’s discuss details for Estonia over there.

There will be no “alert” pop-up, no pop-up at all, when copy-to-clipboard succeeded, only on failure.

“alert” does not support timeouts, so I can’t remove the pop-up after 1 or 2 seconds.

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When editing in Klagenfurt, I recognised someone had put the colour=#75c7c9 tag manually on a bus route. I almost unintentionally deleted it by copying colour=#ffffff from ptna.

The buses of Klagenfurt are coloured, see Klagenfurt Mobil - umwelfreundlich und zuverlässig

Until now I never really took notice of the colour-tag, but I added it to the bus routes according to the tagging proposal. Could it be possible, that the #ffffff-value is the default if no value is set? If yes, it would be great to exclude this value in the tagging proposal at ptna/gtfs

What I can do here: exclude colour from the c&p list if it is = 0xffffff. So: assuming 0xffffff is a place holder in GTFS if the owner doesn’t really know the colour. Is this, what you mean?

The following values for colour are not copied now

  • #ffffff lower or upper case
  • #fff lower or upper case


Yes! This is what I mean.

I added analysis of public-transport for

to ptna.

More is on its way, follow also dsscussions on Public Transport Network Analysis - Estonia

gtfs - EE-GTFS for the state of Estonia is now also available

I added GTFS analysis gtfs of public-transport for

to ptna.

@Patchi : could you please check the license stuff?

I check the license and usage conditions. As it runs under ODbL (as OpenStreetMap) one should mention the source. On the provider page the source to cite is provided:
Source : STAR Data Explore/Rennes Métropole
Now I don’t know exactly where you can put it. Maybe as name of the owner (and keep the current link) and Comment on data or License given for use in OSM.

Thank you again for adding this GTFS network to PTNA.

Great, I can put it into the second column (currently: “Star” + link") and also on “License given for use in OSM” in the GTFS details page.

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I just added analysis of public-transport for

to ptna

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I just added analysis of public-transport for

to ptna based on GitHub issue 103 and community discussion “Proposal - RIPTA Import

PTNA server is experiencing high server load (> 85%).

Analysis tasks take 5-6 times longer than usual.

Analysis which should have been finalized at ~ 4 AM is still in waiting queue @ 6:40 PM :frowning: