Proposed moderator for Greece forum

Hi, Map-Finder reported that he wants to become moderator in this subforum. What do you think about this proposition?

just the fact that he went behind our backs and asked to become moderator says everything, if this is a democracy i vote NO

Moderators have to be trusted by community. The discussion however is available where all such requests are made:

Dear JayCBR, are you talking seriously?
Who went behind your backs?
I took the initiative so that to offer some things to Greek community (should i remind you, your democratic bullying about a new post I made) and you just vote(?) No without any serious reason.
kocio knows exactly what was the subject of our conversation, and should mention it on this post.
After that I suggest you, the democratic person to be Moderator.
Will you join the forum everyday so that to moderate it?
I expect your next answer on next weekend.


kocio Do you remember what i asked at my 1st - 1st post?
“I would like to know who can make a post sticky?”
This had to do with my older post “” with title “Βασικές οδηγίες για χαρτογράφηση δρόμων (cab it be sticky?)”
Do you know how many Greek member took part in this post?
Only 2 (two) beatnickgr & JayCBR.
All Greek members should participate posting their suggestions, but none cared about it.
My intention was to build a clean and basic guidance in Greek for Greek users of the forum.
This could be only if I was becoming a moderator, so that to keep clean and in order this post (merging, moving and adding new sentences and posts).
That’s why I asked to be a moderator. But JayCBR thinks that I am the dictator or the bad guy that went at their back (of 2 active members) and to harm them!
Anyway i give up this try, since mr JayCBR thinks he can do better than me, with his participation only every weekend.
kocio thank you for representing my intentions with the plain way “Do you want him for Moderator”. Thank you again.

I don’t have to apologize to any of you, but if you search what I 've done for OpenStreetMap (mapping, translation from English to Greek in Wiki and more) you will see a global try to make this Project better all time. I don’t know why some members are hostile with my contribution or my intention.
From now on, only mapping.
JayCBR will make the forum better.

I apologise for the delay in replying, but I can support nomination of Map-Finder if the following are respected:

  1. For named streets, “Οδός” and “Λεωφόρος” are not used as a prefix in name=, per current consensus: I am neutral on the subject of “Περιφερειακός”, “Εθνική Οδός”, “Επαρχιακή Οδός” and “Αυτοκινητόδρομος” being used in name=, and I am also neutral on “Οδός” and “Λεωφόρος” being under name:prefix=*.

  2. Names in other languages, particularly the languages of North Macedonia and Turkey, should not be removed without a good reason: it is inexcusable to remove name:mk=* and name:tr=* on political grounds, since OpenStreetMap is not a political battleground.

In general, I am not here to argue about politics, and I do not want to argue about politics here, since it has caused me to suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.

As I wrote before, my intention is to build the guide and nothing more.

I am interested to see a draft of the proposed guide that addresses my concerns. I do not think that this is too much, since my concerns about politically-motivated edits are not intended to be aimed at anyone in particular.

My idea was about to have a common way to create things on OpenStreetMap.
For example, there are various ways to create toll stations.
I am planning to make some examples, by uploading captures of the map and after this, Greek community will choose the best way, that will remain on the post. All the others will be deleted.
So this post will have title “Toll Stations”.

I, personnaly, use OpenStreetMap database as navigator. So, I would like things to represent reallity and not a “beautiful” or “fantastic” scenery.

I think “quality” is the word we are looking for, and it is possible to represent reality with the best quality.

I agree

Any news???

the main issue is the fragmentation of the community, there are active editors that do not participate in decisions through this forum, there are other cooperating with telegram (direct and fast) which people from here decided to ignore. I believe the main reason is this kind of pointless discussion where someone tries to take control, i wish some people could stop caring so much about “winning” an argument and care about mapping. Here we have a self-deleted editor that is not mapping any more, just arguing about everything. I got tired of all this, thats why i was absent. I do not want map-finder as moderator because everything will be difficult, we would have endless arguments for everything

Agreed with JayCBR.
If someone is going to mod this forum, i propose JayCBR, for many reasons.

Anyway, all guides and instructions are already in Greek OpenstreetMap WIki. If Map-Finder wants to make some guides for things that are not already there, he is welcome to do it.
This forum is not meant for detailed guides and instructions.

Instructions are not included in Greek Wiki.
I am talking about the web editor of OpenStreetMap, through “” and not the naming.
There is not common way how to make a toll station, so I found 3-4 ways of mapped toll stations.
There is not common way how to make a road cross, so I found 3-4 ways of mapped road crosses.
There is not common way how to make a gas-fuel station, so very few had street heading to the stations.
There is not common way how to make a road, so basically information are missing (surface, lanes, int_name and few more)
This is what I mean.
Making a sticky thread, with captured photos, any new user will see how a good job should be done.
He will read about the basic steps. There will be an order.
If i will become mod, i will not bother about the other members’posts. I will only take care the threads about “HOW TO…”
@nikospag If all those above are found in Greek Wiki, show me the threads.
Both me and JayCBR should be mods at same time, with different roles in the forum.

I strongly object to JayCBR as a moderator, due to the fact that the user moved national road numbers from ref=* to nat_ref=* against general consensus, and made it as if we agreed to the changes, which we never did.

In my opinion, such a move was pure deceit, despite the fact that signs that show the National Road numbers are making a bit of a comeback on motorways.


Ok then. I propose ika-chan! (if real life allows him/her to apply for this task)
If not, then we don’t need any moderator.

@ika-chan! We will resolve this ref and nat_ref issue, don’t worry.

ika-chan! Its funny the way you object to everything i say or do, but you dont say anything when others make mass edits in road names etc without telling anyone. When we agree on something you keep doing what you like, so dont tell me i m deceiving you

@Map-Finder I haven’t found any translations of yours in our Wiki. Can you point me where to look please?
Thank you.

Does anyone understands the meaning of this? What web editor has to do with Greek Wiki? and what he means with the word “naming”?