Proposed import of All the Places data onto existing fast food and cafe POIs in the US

I’m wrapping up the import of hotel data and am planning to move onto fast food and cafe data in the US. The process will be the same as it was for hotels and grocery stores: I will merely be adding tags to existing objects, not overwriting existing tags. I’ll continue to put nodes that do not match to an existing OSM objects in this cooperative MapRoulette challenge to be added manually and separately. More details on the fast food and cafe import and links to the geojson files are on the OSM wiki page:

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions or field feedback!


Happy to see this cleanup work taking place. I’m frequently surprised at all the restaurants I mapped back in the day that still haven’t been cleaned up. :upside_down_face:

There are a few different flavors of Pizza Hut: the main brand, “Classic” (not yet in NSI), “Express”, and “Delivery”. I suspect there might be some imprecision about it in the database. Would you attempt to verify the correct one as you go through?

Also, how do you typically handle restaurant mashups, like Long John Silver’s/KFC and Tim Horton’s/Wendy’s? It’s OK if you don’t intend to change how they’re currently (inconsistently) mapped; just curious if you’ve accounted for them in your workflow.

Yeah, on the mashup restaurants, basically if it’s a single node/way with somehow two locations smashed together (presumably usually with a semicolon), I’ll ignore it, the location will come up as missing, and hopefully someone gets to it in the MapRoulette challenge and sorts it out manually. If the two brand are mapped on separate nodes, then everything should work as planned.

On Pizza Hut, the All the Place data I have doesn’t distinguish to that level of detail, so that will remain unresolved. This may apply to other sub-brands like Taco Bell and its “Cantinas” as well. There may be others I’m not thinking of. However, the data for Dairy Queen, for example, does distinguish between Dairy Queen locations (just ice cream I believe) and “DQ Grill & Chill” (food as well).


My beloved Taco(s) Time didn’t make your list! :wink: