Proposal to remove a not yet built high-speed railway in Vietnam

Dear all,

I would like to open a discussion about removing a not yet built North-South Express railway in Vietnam (Way 818381168; Way 818381167; Way700296881; w700296880) - I have not included all ways since it is too big; wiki link ( It stretches from Hanoi to HCMC, apart from this is just a proposed railroad, this road already makes map reading and editing difficult, as well as, the map itself looks clogged. Since this is just a proposed project, it is early to make a solid statement yet where the route will be laid. Hence, for now I would like to propose temporally removing the railway till it will be actually built. Please share your thoughts on this.


What about using the like proposed:… pr planned:… for each way element of that train line?


  1. I would try to contact local community (I am not example of them) - maybe may help you in finding them?
  2. proposed objects are not something that fits OSM well. Especially something “route not yet final confirmed” in my opinion clearly should be deleted

These ways are already tagged as railway=proposed, so they shouldn’t be rendered by most maps. They would show up while editing, but it would just be a single line crossing through an area and shouldn’t be too disruptive. I don’t know anything about this project or the likelihood of it actually being built, but the length of the Wikipedia article alone tells me that it seems to be a serious proposal. I see no reason to remove these ways.