PROPOSAL: Downgrade BESRAYA from highway = motorway to trunk.

I have been through this highway quite a lot lately and it definitely shouldn’t be classified as motorway. It got u-turns, turns to residential areas, turns to shop lots, bus stops etc…

If any of you guys have valid opinions against it, let me know. I’ll fire up Potlatch in a week or two to change this.

The late Hezery Hussin wrote that there used to be even an at-grade interchange with traffic lights!

IIRC so hard, I used to go across this "express"way 3-4 times when I used to live near Cheras, many ages ago. One word I could describe it is “weird” especially at the northern end of it.

I’m not against it - but I can see it may turn into an edit war. I’m taking side with tagging to reflect its physical attributes (yes to downgrade), rather than “because it’s a highway with an E prefix, so its a highway=motorway”.

Edit: have a look on the whole stretch of E9 through this Mapillary photo stream uploaded by the Kaart’s team recently

Arguments for downgrade:

Is there some kind of access control, or can it be used by any kind of vehicle (e.g. bicycles, tractor) or even pedestrians?
The hallmark of a motorway is that it can be used by (fast) motorized vehicles only.

The way I understand it, motorway implies that you drive unhindered, no ins and outs, except for rest areas and those side exits (and toll booths :slight_smile: ). Being unhindered means the motorists attempt to reach their vehicles’ top speed one way or another.:lol:

Some “motorways” that runs in KL and surrounding, i.e MRR2, Besraya doesn’t have the luxury to properly implement full access control since these highways are actually upgrades from existing roads which entails cutting through parts of built up old towns, residential areas and such. But, true, most cyclist/pedestrians stayed away from these highways for the health sake.

LLM list all expressways (lebuhraya). It didn’t differentiate any one of the current operational expressways E1 to E29.

LLM could actually at least differentiate closed toll expressways against open toll expressways. The closed toll ones almost always have speed limit of 110km/h. The open toll ones (also known as urban expressways) often have speed limit of 90km/h. But they don’t differentiate.

I used to be more particular about road classifications when I use offline malsingmaps/malfreemaps Garmin maps. These offline maps mostly depends on road classifications for using average speed in faster route calculations. However, some mappers also put in their own speed limits override for congested expressways junctions/interchange to offset these.

Now with GPS maps route calculations making use of realtime/archived actual average speed on the roads, the road classification matter much less. Hence, I would tend to lean towards authorities classifications of it, for simplicity. Since LLM doesn’t differentiate between any to the Exx routes, I’d says just classify all of them as motorways. Just my opinion. :wink: