Project with JOSM + leaflet + others? for an indoor maps application


i’m totally new to OSM, Indoor OSM, etc…
I’ve to study the feasibility of a project (with potentially enabling technologies) whose basic requirements are:

1 Employees of an hospital can display indoor map/maps of the building (assuming a map has already been created and loaded) through a tool that will be embedded in an existing web-app (i.e. a CMS) o maybe in a client desktop application (most likely the first possibilty)

2 They can add POI’s on the map (i.e. entrance, ambulatory, ecc…) and define routes and paths between these POI’s (e.g. they can actually edit the map adding some information)

3 In a future project step, these maps can be visualized on mobile devices by hospital users viewing theirs position and directions to go from their position to a POI (i.e. directions for going from their current position to an ambulatory

4 Nice to have: 3D Maps

Now I’m trying to understand if OSM is the right choice and which type of tools are available.
I was thinking about:

  • JOSM to create Map (maybe by third parties)
  • Leaflet to embed map display inside their CMS webapp

Are OSM and the tools I mentioned a good starting point and a possible solution that cover the requirements?
Another question is: through leaflet APIs is also possible to edit the map (adding POI’s and paths
If not, is there an editor that can be embedded in a web app witch such features?

Thank you very much!!

I can recommend you to start reading some relevant pages in the OSM wiki: … and also type “indoor” in the text search box of OSM wiki … there are more wiki articles related.

Same search can be successful at

We also have subforums here about indoor mapping and 3D mapping.

JOSM is NOT the best editor used by “normal” users who are not familiar with OSM basics. Alternatively, have a look at

So you see that OSM can be the right choice. So if you find any existing OSM based solution about indoor display that comes a bit near your aim, tell us and we can try to refine.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I did read a good amount of articles inside the wiki and I’ll sure continue to search for information.

I did actually see and it looks very nice. My doubt is:

You can use iD with your web browser live on homepage

It seems that iD can only be used this way.
What I would need is to embed the editor inside an existing webapp and to display only one or few selected maps that are not shared on the web but that are proprietary, even if created with OSM standards (i.e. what I need is the possibility to have a instance of iD installed on a system and fed by a selected DB of maps).

Is this possible?

so what about then asking directly at about your aim? They did the core development of ID editor.

And there vare at least two other web services that use ID editor with their own (?) data: