Product=sugar vs industrial=sugar_refinery

Why is product=sugar deprecated?

I found a huge discussion related to the product and industrial keys Wiki page for Key:industrial has been completely rewritten. Was this discussed or voted on?

But I can’t understand why the tag was replaced with another one that is almost not mentioned on the wiki? (for example, here it is not listed in the list of alternatives) Should I roll back this change to the wiki?

As this was done by @zluuzki = User:Hiausirg - OpenStreetMap Wiki without consensus on a controversial topic, it should be reverted. From User contributions for Hiausirg - OpenStreetMap Wiki , many others have already been.

The case of industrial=well_cluster may need to be clarified
Others are mixed. =steelmaking vs =steel_mill (and works= vs industrial= ) was debated before, while the other 2 for the better got injected by embedded marketing of the proposed industrial= vals.


The product=* key can not be used to reliably tag “type of industrial facility”, because product=* is a free-text key, without anything defined.

This is consensus from the various discussions about the topic.

product=sugar is described as “entities that manufacture sugar” - meaning a sugar factory - and “type of industrial facility” should not be determined by using product=* values. This wiki page has been created without consensus.

industrial=sugar_refinery is a defined value for a type of industrial facility, and it encompasses plenty of potential product=* values, such as

  • =cane_sugar
  • =beet_sugar
  • =brown_sugar
  • =syrup
  • =powdered_sugar
  • etc etc

industrial=* is a clearly defined tag on the “type of industrial facility”, and product=* is an additional more detailed free-text information on the exact products produced.

Ok, here we go again…

  1. product= is extensible, but not freeform. The usual meaning of freeform text is for name= , description= , subject=, etc. product=sugar itself has been documented already.
  2. Please stop proclaiming some “consensus from the various discussions about the topic” that you see. Many people don’t see what you are talking about.
  3. What is “This wiki page has been created without consensus.”? Please don’t conflate existing usage and how it should be used. It’s clear and accurate on the use of man_made=works + product=sugar for what it means.
  4. =sugar_refinery has only been documented in your proposal. It’s not better or worse than the status of product=sugar , at most.
  5. As has been debated repeatedly, there is no final decision on how product= should be used yet. That’s your propositions only.

No. It’s a mix of poorly chosen tags that you keep fiddling with.

industrial=sugar_refinery is a defined value for a type of industrial facility

no, it is not, it is a tag specifying landuse, it means this land is used by sugar refineries. IMHO this is overly specific for landuse specification, I‘d rather use a scheme that describes actual refineries as features and not use landuse tagging at this level of specificity.
IMHO we should encourage works=sugar_refinery