Problems with SVG export

Hi everyone…

I am new to OSM (what a great initiative!!) and was trying to do a MapNik SVG export with NoName layer of Europe but it didnt work and wondered if any one could offer some advice.

I keep getting:


The load average on the server is too high at the moment. Please wait a few minutes before trying again.

When trying to apply it to this view:
Is SVG not working at the moment? Is there any other way I can do an SVG export?

Any help would be greatly received. I am using FireFox on a PC if that info helps.

Many thanks

The Export tab on the website is not meant as a universal means of exporting OSM data: when load on the servers is high (more or less always now) this facility is suspended in favour of supporting contributors who are editing map data.

There are numerous other ways to create SVG files from OSM. Probably the most straightforward is using the OSMarender application chain (I think the SVG files are more manageable than Mapniks as well): see I cant remember whether now I used the xmlstartlet or xalan on Windows XP, but one worked well for me. Maperitive ( also will generate SVG, but I havent tried it out.