Problems with serving vector tiles (Mapbox)

Hello everyone,

I am working on my own tile server. I have weird problems with displaying tiles in the correct order. Tiles were created using OSM data.
When I use tileserver-gl-light as a tiles server everything seems to be ok, but when I try to serve tiles by my own server they do not appear in correct order after zooming. I use the same page to render the map so I think the problem is connected with server.
The tiles look like this (Zoom 1):

I appreciate any help.
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I don’t know the reason why but there was a need for correction y axis value before fetching data from mbtiles database.

If your tiles url looks like:


you need to recalculate y value before fetching tile data in pbf format from database:

 y = pow(2, z) - 1 - y

There is no mention about this in mbtiles specification but I found the solution in Tileserver-PHP source code: says

“Note that in the TMS tiling scheme, the Y axis is reversed from the “XYZ” coordinate system commonly used in the URLs to request individual tiles, so the tile commonly referred to as 11/327/791 is inserted as zoom_level 11, tile_column 327, and tile_row 1256, since 1256 is 2^11 - 1 - 791.”