Problems with segments and ways in JOSM

Is it just me, or is there a problem with the “Add node and connect” tool in JOSM?

If I select the last node of a way, then sometimes (usually) that tool will add a new node, and the segment to join it on, AND it will add it to the way. But then sometimes it will not. I find I usually don’t want it to join it onto the way as well, so instead I have to add a single node, create all the segments/nodes that I want, and then go back and connect the first node back to the previous one, which is a pain. (Did that make sense?)

Am I doing something wrong? Or have I missed a trick somewhere? I’m using JOSM Version 236 last changed at 2007-05-14 22:34;25 +0200 (Mon, 14 May 2007) with Java Version 1.6.0_01 if it makes any difference.


I see both behaviors as well but haven’t found the parameters which cause the different behavior yet:

  • Sometimes it creates a new segment only.
  • Sometimes it creates a new segment and adds it to the existing way in one go.

The difference in behavior doesn’t bother me though.