Problems with html comments in templates


today I discovered some issues with html comments inside of templates. For example

<!-- image=| -->
description=An islet is any hamlet sized piece of land that is completely surrounded by water and isolated from other landmasses.|
combination=* [[Key:name]]
* {{tag|natural|coastline}}

The problem: Tools like taginfo can’t read out the description any more and show an empty field. We discussed this issue during the Hacking Weekend in Karlsruhe and came to the conclusion that this should be removed or replaced by image=|.

Any other suggestions. Would it okay to do an mass edit?


Generally, I think it would be ok to do a mass edit for these.

However, there is a problem: “image=|” causes a big, ugly “no image yet” to show up. So the edit would the look of the pages and introduce a somewhat different meaning (“there definitely should be an image here” instead of just “in case if you ever want to add an image, use this parameter”). Leaving the parameter out entirely isn’t a good solution either, because it will no longer be obvious how to add an image when editing the page.

Maybe we need to change the template to not show the “No image yet.jpg” by default. But this would also affect existing users of the template…

So what should be the default behavior of the template? Should the “No image yet.jpg” dropped completely or should we display it if there is no image parameter?

It should be possible to display neither “None yet.jpg” nor an actual image on pages where an image isn’t really necessary or useful.

I’m not sure how to best achieve that. Maybe we should not display it when there is no image parameter, but instead let people manually set the image parameter to “None yet.jpg”?

(BTW, I’d actually prefer None yet.svg over “None yet.jpg”, since jpg isn’t really a good format for text-only-graphics.)