Problems getting TMS layer to work in JOSM

Hello there folks,

I’m trying to get the one of the National Library of Scotland’s TMS layers to work, but it come up with the red writing (“Error: No Protocol [tms url]”). It’s this URL: tms[20]:{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png which is an OS map of london 1947-63, found here: Now, the other URLs listed on that page all work fine, including the similar London 1893-6 map above it on the list, which I have working fine. I followed the same procedure for putting it into JOSM in both instances.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why it isn’t working?

You’re probably pasting whole URL and as a result, you get in field 3, address such as:


Paste the address directly into field 3. Anyway - as far as I’ve checked, the layer doesn’t exists any more. Server returns for every tile 404 Not Found error.

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t paste the url wrong (as you described), so it must be the fact that it no longer exists, which is a shame since it’s a pretty useful layer.