Problems getting newly added highways displayed on the rendered map

I’m new to OSM and keen to contribute. I edited and uploaded my first changeset yesterday using JOSM, but the new highways are still not displayed on the rendered map (more than 24 hours later). I have read the FAQ and have tried the Ctrl+F5 to clear the cache (Firefox) but it didn’t work. I have even tried the permalink, view image and dirty flag described in but it still doesn’t show up.

I have verified that the data is stored in the database, and the highways show up if I select Edit, and the information can be seen in the Data sidebar when I turn on the data overlay. Maybe something is wrong with my editing? Do you have any idea what is wrong?

The changeset:
Permalink to the area:


Thanks, that explained it. The highways are now visible at some zoomelevels, and the others will follow, I think.